Why Propane is the Right Choice for Country Living

Energy costs. Peace of mind. Comfort. Practicality. These are important factors that most homeowners consider when looking into home heating options. Propane is uniquely suited to provide all of these options which is what makes it perfect for country living.

Better Cooking

Surveys continually prove that consumers prefer to cook with gas because it provides more precise temperature control and heat delivery than electricity. Propane cooking appliances can integrate style and functionality into any new home, regardless of its size or architectural style.

Propane cook ranges give you greater control with precise temperature and even heat distribution. With instant gas flames that eliminate waiting for burners to warm up – you’ll be cooking like a pro in no time. As an added safety feature, propane gas burners also cool quickly.

The Versatility of Propane

Propane can be used throughout your home or cottage for clean-burning, efficient, energy.

Best of all, a single tank can service multiple appliances. No need to litter your property with multiple tanks for different purposes.

Safeguard Against Power Outages

Perhaps more importantly, propane is a safe and reliable energy source. Propane delivery is available in many areas where electricity or natural gas are not easily accessible. During the winter there is the added risk of storms disrupting power lines. Using propane will help you stay warm during the winter months without having to worry about the weather.

Kelly’s Propane has been supplying fuel for residents and businesses in Central Ontario for 90 years. Contact us to learn more about our reliable winter delivery and how propane can be your heating and energy solution.

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