Are You Ready for Heating Season?

Fall is here, and winter won’t be far behind. Are you ready for the cold?

Fall is a great time to get your furnace inspected. The last thing you want is a costly breakdown in the middle of winter. Getting your furnace checked now can save you time and money in winter and provides peace of mind for homeowners and their insurance companies. Contact one of our Authorized Service Partners to have your furnace checked by a professional.

As it gets cooler, many households are turning up the heat. If you are working from home or living at the cottage as a result of the pandemic it will impact your fuel consumption. Be aware that if you are on automatic delivery and using your propane appliances or your furnace more than you did in prior years you should let us know so that we can adjust your delivery schedule accordingly.

Tips for Hassle-Free Winter Fuel Deliveries

Reliable fuel delivery is essential all year long, but never more so than in winter. You rely on your propane tank to fuel your home, but winter can create new challenges for our drivers. There are a few things you can do to make it easier for our drivers to deliver your propane safely.

Kelly's Propane driver making a Winter Delivery

  • Keep tanks accessible and unobstructed; this includes clearing snow that may make it difficult for our drivers to reach the tank.
  • Clear branches of overgrown trees in the laneway and around the tank.
  • Consider automatic delivery rather than having to remember to request deliveries. Don’t risk running low in the middle of winter; trust us to keep your tank full.

As always, if you require a refill, please submit a delivery request online. Please note if your tank reading is at a critical level or if you have run out of oil or propane, please call our office for immediate assistance at 1-888-313-4328.

Team Update

We are back in our offices. However, the offices are still closed to customers. If you have questions or want to pay a bill, please contact our customer support team, and they will be happy to help you over the phone or by email.

Our team continues to use social distancing measures in the office and on the roads. If you see one of our drivers or technicians, please maintain your distance. Our fleet is also expanding. We are adding a new truck this month to help meet the demand for propane in our region.

Benefits of Propane This Winter

There are many benefits of using propane for home heating. It is versatile, clean-burning, and non-toxic. Propane is also an economical fuel option for furnaces, water heaters, and fireplaces.

  • Efficiency – Propane heats water nearly 40% faster than electricity. That means less energy use and faster recovery times.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Burning propane produces fewer emissions than most other types of fuel.
  • Durability – Propane appliances last longer than electric appliances.
  • Reliability – Whether you live or work in rural or urban areas, propane is readily available to meet a wide variety of energy needs.
  • Cost-effective – Propane water heaters are twice as efficient as electric models, and high-efficiency furnaces can help keep your fuel costs low.
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