What are the benefits of propane?

There are many benefits of Propane fuel. It is versatile, clean-burning, non-toxic, and it serves a wide variety of purposes. Propane is an economical fuel option for furnaces, hot water heaters, fireplaces, cook ranges, pool heaters and household appliances.

  • Propane is convenient because it’s portable. Cylinders can be transported, installed and refilled nearly anywhere.
  • Efficiency – Propane heats water nearly 40% faster than electricity. That means less energy use and faster recovery times.
  • Environmentally friendly –  Propane contains very low sulphur content and zero lead content.
  • Burning propane produces less greenhouse gas emissions than most other types of fuel.
  • Propane is clean-burning and emits almost no pollutants.
  • The by-products of burning propane are water vapour and carbon dioxide.
  • Durability – Propane appliances are more durable than electric appliances.
  • Propane pool heaters can heat more water in less time than electric pool heaters.
  • Propane also has many commercial purposes and its use is growing within the agriculture industry.
  • And it’s reliable – whether you live or work in rural or urban areas, propane is readily available to meet a wide variety of energy needs.

Another benefit of Propane is that it is cost-effective.

Using propane can help cut your heating and hot water bills! Propane water heaters are twice as efficient as electric models, and high-efficiency furnaces can help keep your fuel costs low.


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